Welcome to Telecoms Cloud – Things are changing..!

In 2012,  Telecoms Cloud set out on a journey to revolutionise the Telecoms industry.  It had the vision to lower the barriers of entry for developers to build telephony applications in the cloud by using a simple yet powerful API based on open standards, giving them powerful, real-time communication capabilities billed on a pay per use basis with no minimum contracts or tie-ins.

That vision was a success as we pioneered software and communications infrastructure as a service. Some of our achievements are below:

  • We helped connect many devices for the Internet of Things around the world
  • We are a founding member of Liverpool’s Internet exchange
  • We were the first in the UK to offer a dedicated mobile network for the Internet of Things Devices that mixed GSM with LorAWAN capability.
  • We helped found the Liverpool Community Grid

On the 1st August 2018, Telecoms Cloud received an offer from a third party to acquire it’s Enigma platform, brand and assets on an “Exclusive Perpetual Worldwide” licence agreement based on a 5-year rolling term.

While this agreement is a great success for the Telecoms Cloud company and reflects the 5+ years and countless hours of work that has been invested into the software platform by our team, there are now substantial implications for our customers, suppliers and the services that we currently provide.

As part of our agreement with the acquirer (and the rights and claims of the exclusive perpetual licence agreement), Telecoms Cloud Limited are prevented from running any commercial services anymore on the said “Enigma” platform after midnight on 1st December 2018, which is when the acquisition completes.  This is with the exception of our fax services that we will continue to operate but with a new team, website and infrastructure and new brand “Internet of Things Limited”

As such, Telecoms Cloud has sent out notices to customers and suppliers giving them notice under section 10 of our Terms and Conditions that effectively serve 60 days notice for the transfer or withdrawal of their service (fax services are unaffected).

For clarification, we tried to include our customers as part of the acquisition offer so that they can continue running on the platform however based on  decisions by the third party (a US company with little or no UK based teams or resources to operate services and given the challenges that Brexit has presented to us and them), we were unsuccessful in negotiating a position other than a total acquisition on an “Exclusive & Perpetual Worldwide Basis”, ultimately meaning we are prevented from running any services past the agreed date as well as having to change our company name.

Customer Support

For customers wishing to continue their service after this period (with another provider), we have set up a dedicated team who will help to move their service to another provider at no cost, the contact details for the head of the new team are:  

General Manager: Sacha Keating

Telephone: (+44) 0333 315 3333

Email: enquiries@iotltd.com


The Future of Telecoms Cloud – Now Internet of Things Limited

For customers using our fax service (CrosbyFax) this is unaffected and a new team has been installed to take over the running of all fax services from the 1st December 2018 and customers should use the website www.crosbyfax.com from now on.  This will be managed under our new company name “Internet of Things Limited”

Our LorAWAN (Internet of Things network) that spans the city of Liverpool, UK is also unaffected and will be continued to be offered under our new company name.

I thank all our customers for their custom over the past 6 years and wish them the best of luck for the future.


Matt Wilson

Founder and CEO