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Divert to Mobile Phone

There are some providers out there who are happy to tell you how their solution can mobilise your business and change the way you communicate. However, this usually comes at an additional cost or at a different tariff from receiving calls to landline, or may even require a credit check. For a small business, the cost of not getting a full service can add up over the year.

We at Telecoms Cloud see things differently - you shouldn't have to rely on your landline to receive business calls, or suffer otherwise. Not only do we have arguably the best inclusive minutes allowance in the UK (at least 2,000 minutes a month) and no 'per minute' charge to receive calls, but diverting to mobiles is inclusive of your overall minutes allowance - no having to worry about alternative allowances or further costs!

Tin Cans and Wet String

With the additional features that Telecoms Cloud offers, you can create a truly integrated inbound call solution - including multiple and simultaneous call targeting, mid-call divert and call menus - meaning that your office can stay in touch with customers wherever your staff may be.

Create your new business number with powerful call handling features immediately, with packages starting from just £10+VAT a month! Click Here to Sign Up, or Contact Us if you have any questions.