It’s very simple to get up and running with our API, and you can use it within pretty much any programming language or development platform you like. We provide a helper library written in PHP available via GitHub (download here) as well as auto-generated SDKs for a variety of other programming languages via our friends at REST United (available here). You can also call the API directly from any platform/language without a helper client, as in the examples below.

Basic Concepts

The first thing you need to do before talking to our API is to generate your secure, private access credentials. You do this via your Telecoms Cloud account settings (sign up for free) where you’ll be given a Client ID and a Client Secret. If you ever need to revoke these and regenerate for any reason, you can do that there too.

Connect to API & Authenticate

Requests are authenticated via OAuth2 using your Client ID and Client Secret, but you don’t send these with each request. Instead, you first request a secure “access token”, which is valid for just one hour, and pass this with each request until it expires at which point you request a new one whenever needed.

If you’re using our PHP Client from GitHub, this is all handled for you automatically. Otherwise, you’ll need to use some local storage (eg. a MySQL database or an editable text file) to store your current access token and its expiry time, so your app can use this information each time it needs to talk to our API.

Make a Signed Request using Access Token

Once you have used your Client ID and Client Secret to request an access token (above), you can use that access token to call the /account/info endpoint to verify that you’re talking to the API OK.

A valid access token is appended to each request URL in the query string, as shown in the example on the left.

This will return an array of data containing your Telecoms Cloud username and account email address as well as your current credit balance and active services.

The World Is Now Your Oyster!

Now that you’ve successfully connected to our API and received back your account information you’re good to go! Why not start by sending a fax?

Get Started With our Free Code Samples

To help get you up and running even more quickly, we’ve put together some basic code samples in some popular programming languages. Check them out!

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