Outbound calling from the cloud enables you to trigger a single or multiple outbound calls from your application. You can play a voice message for notification scenarios or read out a Two-Factor Authentication code, built an IVR menu to ask for user feedback or connect the call to a call centre or other third party.

  • Upload MP3 audio to play to user and specify their target phone number
  • Use our text-to-speech engine to read out codes for uses such as MFA
  • Retrieve answered status of calls, along with any other requested user feedback

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This feature is currently in active development and is available for testing to a closed group of Beta testers. If you’d like to learn more or be notified of its general availability, get in touch.

How Does It Work?

  1. An HTTP request is made by your app to the Telecoms Cloud API which POSTs an MP3 file and JSON data containing the user’s phone number which should be dialled. A call request ID is returned.
  2. The Telecoms Cloud API receives and validates the request, then dials the requested phone number and plays the MP3 audio file down the phone. If applicable, codes and numbers can be read out as part of multi-factor authentication procedures
  3. Your app can query the API using the call request ID to check if and when the call was answered and to retrieve any other user feedback.

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